The ELC Cares Fund was also established in response to employees’ increasing desire to support their fellow colleagues in need. In keeping with the generosity of our #ELCFamily, we are offering our employees the option to donate to the ELC Cares Fund. At launch, eligible U.S. and U.K. employees will be able to donate to the fund through ELC Good Works. In the coming weeks, we will extend the option for employees globally to donate to the ELC Cares Fund.

For more information about how to donate, please read the Employee Donation FAQs.

Donation FAQs

1.       What is the ELC Cares Employee Relief Fund?
At The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC), the health and wellbeing of our employees is always a top priority. To uphold this commitment, we established the ELC Cares Employee Relief Fund (ELC Cares Fund) to support our employees when they need it most. Through ELC charitable contributions and matches, as well as employee donations, the ELC Cares Fund provides immediate and critical financial relief to employees who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

2.       Who can donate to the ELC Cares Fund?
At launch, active and qualifying U.S.-based full-time regular and part-time regular employees and U.K.-based full-time regular, part-time regular and fixed-term employees are eligible to donate to the ELC Cares Fund through ELC Good Works—our charitable matching gifts and volunteerism program—and request a Company match. Over time, we will continue to expand the donation capabilities globally.  

3.       How do I donate?
Eligible employees can donate to the ELC Cares Fund through ELC Good Works. For questions about U.S. donations made through ELC Good Works, please visit the U.S. Giving and Volunteering Guidelines. For questions about U.K. donations made through ELC Good Works, please visit the U.K. Giving and Volunteering Guidelines.

4.       Is my donation tax-deductible? Will I get a statement at the end of the year?
For U.S.-based employees, donations to the ELC Cares Fund should be tax-deductible for U.S. Federal income tax purposes as the ELC Cares Fund is part of an organization eligible to receive U.S. Federal income tax deductible charitable contributions.  To view or request an official tax receipt, log on to ELC Good Works, go to ‘My Profile,’ select ‘Giving’ and select ‘Donation Receipts.’ For all eligible, non-U.S.-based employees, donations to the ELC Cares Fund are not tax deductible, and employees will receive a donation acknowledgement letter.

5.       Is there a minimum donation amount?
No, there is no minimum donation amount. Every amount donated will support employees in need.

6.       How much of my donation goes to the ELC Cares Fund?
ELC covers all administration costs to ensure that 100% of employee donations support fellow employees.

7.       Can donations be directed to a specific employee?
No, all donations are collected and added to the general fund that supports all eligible, qualifying ELC employees.

8.       Will donors know the identity of those receiving grants from the ELC Cares Fund?
No, only grant recipients who choose to share their story with ELC may be featured in ELC communications

9.       Do I have to contribute to the ELC Cares Fund to be eligible to apply for assistance?
No. Donations to the ELC Cares Fund are voluntary and are not required to apply for assistance.

10.      Who can I contact for more information?
For additional information, call 833-386-0341 in the U.S. or 980-276-3816 outside of the U.S., or email